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Moscow Legal Center (Law firm) is a member of the Association of Lawyers of Russia and the International Organization of Law. We provide legal services to foreigners in Russia.
We do not take losing cases. Our experts will provide free legal advice to foreigners on the phone or directly in the office of the company. It’s also possible for us to arrange our meeting with clients from other countries including the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, etc. in their homeland.
Our attorneys and lawyers in Moscow provide legal services, based on fundamental knowledge of law, both domestic and international. Here you can get only a quality legal service. With our help you achieve desired positive results in solving legal problems.
Professional representation of the interests of foreign citizens and organizations with the participation of foreign capital in the courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts, representing the interests of foreigners in the couts.
Our lawyers will allow you to achieve desired result with the lowest cost.
We provide free legal help by phone by lawyers of our company. Our specialists focused on particular direction in the resolution of the situation. You can get free legal help by phone, for example on the following topics: free advice on employment law in Russia, free legal advice about renting in Moscow, a free consultation about protection of consumer rights, free legal help on family issues, free advice and counsel lawyer on Private International Law, free legal advice on international arbitration, free legal help on corporate law, free legal help on taxes and tax law.
We do family counseling for foreigners or divorce attorneys specializing in family law can help you to solve legal family issues.
Get free legal help over the phone!  You can call us at  +7 (495) 683 4042 or visit our office at the above address. Due to the frequent calls we apologize for the possible inconvenience of waiting during the call.
If you would like to get a free legal help without the constraints of time, we invite you to visit our office.
 Some of our other services include registration of companies in Moscow (registration of LLC Company, liquidation of companies in Moscow, registration of foreign companies, registration of foreign representative offices, the elimination of foreign companies, the elimination of foreign representative offices, real estate activities, real estate services, valuation securities and other property, damage assessment, auditing, registration of domains in the Russian Federation, Russian domain registration, protection of the image, inheritance disputes, legal services under the contracts, mergers and acquisitions, as well as other services.
In addition, we provide accounting services to organizations that have a number of significant advantages in choosing a method of accounting and make it more comfortable as your relationship with tax authorities and other government agencies.
All companies without exception were satisfied with our work and support.
Our legal service will always be the most effective alternative to staff lawyer. Our company provides legal services to foreign firms in Moscow. You always can get a free legal advice over the phone. Legal services for legal entities - our experience, our knowledge and your stability and success in work.
We also provide legal services to recover the debt. Debt collection is one of our activities.

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